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Social Brand Index™

The Facebook App version of the Social Brand Index (SBI)™ measures the strength of a brand’s relationship with its community on social media.

The SBI™ Facebook App is a short questionnaire that resides on the brand’s Facebook page and probes the key psychological dimensions that govern the relationship between a brand and its community. The inter-relationship and strength of these psychological dimensions determine how engaged the community is with the brand, and defines the values which drive brand affinity.

The SBI™ identifies any relationship shortcomings and enables the brand owner to steer their social media communications to correct any problem areas and enhance the relationship with their community.

Brand owners, marketers, social media marketers, agencies, researchers and analysts can all benefit from the information made available by the SBI™, and for the first time can specifically measure and quantify the success of social media activity on the brand.

To enquire about purchasing and installing the SBI™ Facebook App on your Facebook Page click here.

A complementary presentation is available to users of the SBI™ to review and fully explain the implications of the results. In addition, guidance may be provided to improve the existing brand relationship with your community.

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